A VOODOO MAN APPEARED TO ME… Bishop Adesina shares a testimony

By Fr. Anthony Adetayo

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ijebu Ode, Most Rev. Francis Obafemi Adesina celebrates the Holy Eucharist in English language at the Medjugorje Marian Pilgrimage center in Bosnia on Sunday 2nd October 2022 encouraging the Pilgrim Priests and Laity to wait on the Lord always.

Following the liturgical readings of the day, the Bishop says,”Being slow means having to wait before it happens. This irritates people but God is different. In God’s providential plan, time is eternity. When God asks us to wait, he asks us to wait for his appointed time.”

“All of us in the midst of our desire to move fast, we need greater faith. Don’t be tired to wait for God to hear us. It may seem as if God doesn’t take notice of our prayers even at this pilgrimage, we hear today that we should not despair. Remember the scripture; precisely Isaiah says those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.”

“We may ask ourselves; should I wait forever? Do not be in a hurry with God. Keep trusting in him, for the moment of waiting is the moment of growth. The moment of waiting is the moment of fanning into flames the gift we have received. It is also a time to test our faith. The Lord will never disappoint.”

Sharing a testimony, the Bishop said “For 18 years I served as a formator in the Seminary. I never wanted to be a Bishop. People felt I will be announced a Bishop of my home Diocese when it became vacant. But for two to three years, no Bishop was announced.

“A voodoo man appeared to me from nowhere who told me I will be greater than how I was. I told him to go away for I do not want to be greater than who I am in the presence of God. The man left disappointed. At that historical time, people started telling me I was going to be the next Bishop of Oshogbo Diocese. I was tempted to go back to the voodoo man but I didn’t. When the Bishop was announced, it was my junior 3 years in the seminary. I was so glad for him and I even preached the ordination Thanksgiving Mass. Two years later, a nearby Diocese was given a Bishop and it wasn’t me. I became an object of scorn and when everyone has forgotten me, I got my call to become the Bishop of another Diocese. The waiting moments were important.  The Scripture invites us to wait on the Lord always.”

The Bishop prayed for God’s grace for everyone to be patient with God in order to do his will.