These were the words lauding the personality of the Bishop Emeritus of Ijebu Ode diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Albert Ayinde Fasina from the mouth of the Metropolitan of Lagos ecclesiastical province Most Rev. Dr Alfred Adewale Martins.

In his brief speech, given towards the end of the Holy Mass of the 50th anniversary of the diocese, 80th birthday and retirement of the Bishop Emeritus, the Metropolitan informed the congregation that the entire province rejoices with the faithful of Ijebu Ode diocese because 50 years is a remarkable and a golden celebration. He further explained that gold becomes what it is because it passes through fire. It means that the diocese has passed through a lot and has withstood it.

He reiterated that the Bishop Emeritus has spent about 40 years of his priestly life in this diocese and is an inspiration for everyone because he has overcome the “Ego.” He overcame the self especially with a sense of self-importance. The congregation nodded their heads and gave non verbal signals in affirmation to this statement. The Archbishop continues “Baba is simple and humble.” He encouraged everyone to learn from the simplicity and humility of Bishop Fasina because overcoming the Ego was the right way to go.

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