Rev. Fr. Leo Oluwaseyi Awojinrin

Every second Tuesday of the month is a significant day of Prayer for all the Clergy of Ijebu-Ode Diocese. On that day of the month, they come away from their labours to be with the Lord in the company of their Bishop and their brothers.

Tuesday, 12th November was not different as they gathered in St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Iloti, for the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, recitation of the rosary, a talk on the Prophetic role of Priests, individual confession, Divine office and Benediction. WheI DO NOT WANT TO RUN MICRO DIOCESES WITHIN THE DIOCESE…BISHOP ADESINA EXCLAIMEDn the prayers were over, it was time for Bishop Adesina to address his Priests especially after his return from his working leave. These were some of the highlights of his admonition to his foremost collaborators:

  • Thank you for holding yourselves together and your apostolate while I was away. There was no reason to call on me as all went smoothly.
  • Do not be intimidated but always speak the truth as Priests called to a Prophetic role.
  • Thank you for the solidarity with yourselves and with your Bishop. Thank you for being brothers to one another. Thank you for strengthening one another. My desire is to continue to ensure ‘unum presbyterium’, the Priestly collegiality with the Bishop.
  • For those who still feel that the past is better than the present, we call you to repentance. Stop pedalling calumny and lies against your Bishop.
  • Let us apologize when we wrong one another
  • Thank you for always visiting the Bishop Emeritus and Msgr. Ayankoya. We too will grow old and may we have people to visit us. Continue to respect old age. Young Priests must respect the elderly Priests and the older Priests must take care of their younger ones.
  • I hear stories. My ears have become bigger. I will never get tired of listening to you and your yearnings.
  • We must always continue to honour our elderly Priests. Let us be patient with them. The older ones must care for their younger ones. Will they rally round you at old age with joy or will they still avoid you? What you do now will determine.
  • We do not want sad Priests. Let us be happy.
  • Please, be patient with me in the running of the diocese. God is patient with us, so be patient with me as well.
  • Continue to care for the flock entrusted to you. Let us keep giving our best to our work.
  • I feel sad about the deplorable state of our Marian Shrine in Iwopin. We must keep it alive all year round.
  • Continue to pray for me and the entire Diocese. Our monthly novena will continue this month with the novena to Christ the king, Patron of our Diocese.

In conclusion, he emphasized the importance of honoring all Priestly and Diocesan programmes with our presence. We must not form micro dioceses but be with the entire group always. ‘Do not stay away in twos or threes. Let us come together in unity’.

The narrative of Most Rev. Francis Obafemi Adesina has not changed till date. He seeks for unity among his Priests, Religious and Laity. We wish him well as he continues to shepherd the flock of God entrusted into his care.

God bless the Church!
God bless Ijebu-Ode Diocese!

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