Fr. Augustine Adetola

In what was his first canonical pastoral visit to Itasin-Imobi, the Catholic Bishop of Ijebu-Ode Diocese, Most Rev. Francis Obafemi Adesina declared to the people of Imobi Parish on Thursday, 9th January, 2020 that he came in order to trace the footsteps of the early missionaries who brought the Catholic faith into the community.

The Bishop was welcomed with huge crowd of Catholics and non-catholics who came from the various towns and villages in Imobi, namely: Itasin, Oki-igbode, Fowoseje, Fotedo, Tekunsile, Oke-makun, Terelu, Oke-owena and so on. In his words of welcome, the Dean of Ogbere Deanery, Very Rev. Fr. Tito-Marie Adelaja welcomed the Bishop officially to the Deanery. He remarked that it’s been 156 years since the first mass was said in the soil of Itasin by the SMA priest, Fr. Borghero in 1864. The Parish Priest of Itasin-Imobi, Rev. Fr. Henry Osagie Osobor welcomed the Bishop to the parish and thanked the Bishop for choosing to start with Itasin-Imobi.

The joy and happiness could be seen clearly on the faces of the parishioners who danced and sang songs of praises for having the opportunity to meet with the 3rd Bishop of Ijebu-Ode Diocese.

After the welcome ceremony, the Bishop in company with the Dean and Parish Priest went to the cite of the first Church and the land in which the first mass was celebrated. The bell tower is still standing there as a monument to remind everyone of the beginnings of Catholicism in Itasin.

He also paid a courtesy call to the Onitasin of Itasin-Imobi, Oba Adegbesan in his palace where they discussed at length on issues bothering on the land, government, religion and so on. The Oba affirmed that he is a product of Catholic Education having received training and mentorship from the Late Bishop Anthony Saliu Sanusi, the first Bishop of Ijebu-Ode Diocese who happened to be his Principal while at St. Anthony Grammar School, Ijebu-Imusin.

The next day, 10th January, 2020, the Bishop celebrated the Holy Mass with the people and as the first day, they out in more greater number on the second day with gifts for the Bishop. In his homily, the Bishop thanked them for keeping the faith alive despite the economic situation of the place.

From Itasin-Imobi, the Bishop proceeded to Our Lady of Fatima, Orita J6 for another visitation. May God bless all the Bishops, Priests and laity who laboured for the spread of the faith in Imobi Parish. Amen

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