Louisville, Itele turns out 78 graduands

By: Veronica Idowu

As custom, Louisville Girls High School, Ijebu-Itele, has turned out 78 girls during the 17th graduation/valedictory mass which was celebrated by the Bishop, Most Rev Dr. Francis Obafemi Adesina beginnig at 9am with the procession of the Graduands.

Bishop Adesina in his homily thanked God for the great community. In a special way he thanked the Principal of the school, Rev Sr Matilda Adeboye for the great work done in the community with quality formation and education given to the young girls. To the parents, he said they have given their children the great privilege to be part of the school as he prayed that their labour will not be in vain.

Cross-section of Louisville Students

To the Graduands, the Bishop said that the Lord had made it possible for them to be part of the graduating set of Class 2019 and it is not their power or might but God’s grace.
However, he said that the readings of the day had a lot to do with thanksgiving as he explained how Solomon used the book of Moses to bless the people, also, the greetings of Elizabeth to Mary, ‘Blessed are you among women’.

He therefore urged the girls to be persons of integrity, great character and honesty. On a final note, he gave them 12 points he got in a journal of Christopher which are ; “Be honest with yourself. Avoid temptation of self demotion. Confront problems, don’t invade them. Widen your interest. Write out your challenges. Keep first things first. Don’t be confused with nonessential. Don’t over simplified issues. Get beyond false findings. Keep an open mind. Keep or retain your sense of humour. Develop insight. Listen to people! Focus on the positive things lastly, Be prayerful, be thankful. Be appreciative of your parents, friends, formators and those who have helped you. “

The school’s chaplain, Rev. Fr. Peter Owolabi, encouraged the girls to always be in touch with others and know that with others they can achieve a lot in life.
In a little way to help in the development of the school, the Class’ 19 built a new staff canteen as the set’s project. This was blessed and opened by the Bishop, Most Rev Dr. Francis Obafemi Adesina after the mass.
Also present at the Valedictory mass were the parish priest and Chaplain of the school, Rev. Fr. Peter Owolabi and Rev Frs Peter Onabamiro (the Principal, Christ the King Catholic College, Odolewu), Jude Okafor ( the Principal St Anthony Grammar School, Esure), Peter Adesanya, Kingsley Odiaka, Patrick Nnamani, Anyanwu Kingsley, Peter Kana Otegi and Lawrence Kutang. The mass had the religious – Sisters of Saint Louis and Sisters of Saint Michael the Archangel, staff, parents, friends, families and well wishers.

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