Monthly Bulletin /Circular MAY, 2022 /034


Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord:

Grace and Peace of the Risen Lord be with you. 

The Month of May:

It is with joy of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ that I welcome you to the month of May. May is a month dedicated in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is why the Church in her tradition refers to it as the ‘Marian Month’ or ‘Month of Mary’. In this month, we are invited to pray our rosary daily and offer devotions in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As we pay homage to the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. We also recognize the person and role of St. Joseph in the life of the Holy Family. This month begins with the celebration of Worker’s Day on the 1st of May, in which we are called to reflect on the life of St. Joseph the worker. Also, in this month, our Muslim Brothers and Sisters shall be celebrating the Eid-ul-Fitr, to end their Ramadan fast. We pray God to accept their prayers for peace and security in our country.

Some important solemnities and Feasts of the Church in May include: Solemnity of Ascension of the Lord (May 26), Feasts of St. Philip and James (May 3), St. Matthias, the Apostle (May 14), and of Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (May 31)

As we journey through the spiritual itinerary of this month, may God grant us the graces we desire to be faithful and committed to him. Amen

  • Pope’s Intention for the month of May 2022: Faith-filled Young People: Let us pray for all young people, called to live life to the fullest, that they may see in Mary’s life the way to listen, the depth of discernment, the courage that faith generates, and the dedication to service.
  • Bishop’s Intention for the month of May 2022:Thanksgiving, Spiritual renewal and pastoral growth in the Diocese: Let us pray that God may grant us a renewed strength, vigour and zeal for the work of evangelization, as we celebrate the 53rd Anniversary of the creation of our Diocese.
  • Novena to the Holy Spirit:For this month, we are invited to pray the Novena to the Holy Spirit in preparation for the solemnity of Pentecost (June 5), for the intention of our diocese and for peace in the world. This shall begin on Friday after Ascension till Saturday before Pentecost Sunday (27th May – 4th June, 2022). May I enjoin all Parish Priests, Superiors and Chaplains to kindly ensure that this novena prayer is said in all Parishes, schools, convents and formation houses across the Diocese.
  • Diocesan Thanksgiving: On May 29, 2022 the Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode will be 53 years in existence. We thank God for the gift of our Diocese, its growth, unity and mission. We pray for the souls of the faithful departed who laboured for the establishment and sustenance of the Diocese; likewise for the missionaries of today who keep the Diocese growing through their communion and participation. 
  • We therefore, direct that the 53rd anniversary of the canonical erection of the Diocese be celebrated on Sunday, 29th May, 2022 in all the parishes and stations. “Thanksgiving collection” for the promotion of evangelization of evangelization in the Diocese is highly recommended. 
  • Diocesan Prayer Crusade for Priests and Religious: This is a reminder to the appeal made at the beginning of the Year to families within our Diocese to adopt a Priest/Religious for prayer throughout the Year 2022. Families within our Diocese are encouraged to freely choose and adopt a Priest/Religious whom they would be praying for on daily basis throughout this year. Let us all remember to pray for our Priests and Religious daily.We continue to implore Parish Priests to be creative in encouraging and implementing this appeal. 
  • Ave Maria Pilgrimage Centre, Iwopin:We continue to solicit your generous support towards the renovation of the Ave Maria Pilgrimage Centre, Iwopin. I am pleased to inform you that we have begun serious work on the site and we need a lot of money to sustain and complete this project.  We sincerely appreciate all those who have contributed generously towards this project as we wish to appeal to individuals, families, societies, parishes and stations who are yet, to support this project of rebuilding a Pilgrimage Centre for the Blessed Virgin Mary in our Diocese with your kind donations. Remember, God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor. 9:7). The account details are as follows: 

Account Name: Ave Maria Pilgrimage Center, Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode 

Account Number: 1022812598 

Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA) 

  • Construction of a Diocesan Chancery Building:The building of our Diocesan Chancery is ongoing and we have made great progress. We therefore, humbly appeal to Parishes, Institutions, families and benefactors, within and outside the Diocese, who are yet to make their contributions, to financially support this project. We recognize and acknowledge all the contributions and donations already received. May God continue to reward and replenish all our benefactors abundantly.  To support this project of building a befitting Chancery for the Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode, kindly make your donation(s) to the following Bank Account: 

   Account Name: Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode 

Account Number: 0131027016 

Bank: FCMB 

  • Bishop’s Appreciation: I sincerely appreciate all priests, Religious and the Lay faithful of the Diocese of Ijebu-Ode for your prayers and material support on the occasion of my third Episcopal Ordination Anniversary last month. May the good Lord in his benevolence bless, uphold and strengthen us all in our journey of faith. Amen 
  • Special Collections: Let us remember to take the following special collections for this month.
  • Seminary Collection (May 8): This is our support for the training of seminarians on their journey to the priesthood.
  • Diocesan Thanksgiving Collection (May 29): This is our personal and collective contributions towards the work of evangelization in our Diocese. 
  • World Communication Sunday collection (May 29): This collection is to support the work of the Social Communications in Nigeria and our Diocese. You are invited to donate generously to support our weekly programme on AGUDA on Radio; the Publication of Partner Newspaper and other projects of the Diocesan communication department. Priests should kindly ensure that these collections are well publicized, collected and remitted to the Chancery for proper collation.
  • RECOWA:  General Assembly of the Episcopal Conference of West Africa (RECOWA) holds in Abuja from Monday 2nd May to Monday 9th May, 2022. Let us pray for the success of this Assembly and the safety of the Bishops. 
  • 2022 Fathers’ Day Celebration:  The Catholic Men Organization of Nigeria (CMON), Ijebu-Ode Diocese shall be celebrating the Fathers’ Day in all parishes, on 1st May, 2022, the Third Sunday of Easter(c). Every parish is encouraged to make this a remarkable and memorable celebration for our fathers.
  • The Catholic Men Organization of Nigeria of our Diocese shall be having their General Meeting on 29th May, 2022, at Iloti Deanery. Let all those concerned be punctual for this meeting.
  • Ijebu-Ode Diocesan Lectors Association: The quarterly meeting/seminar of this association shall come on 7th May, 2022 at Iperu Deanery by 10.a.m
  • Catholic Women Organization of Nigeria (CWON):  CWONIO shall be celebrating their World Union of Catholic Women Organization, (WUCWO) on 8th – 15th of May, 2022. This is a week programme with activities lined up for women in our Diocese, it shall begin with an opening ceremony at St. Anthony Catholic Church, Sagamu and end with grand finale celebration at CWO Maria Centre, Ijebu-Ode. We appeal to priests, religious and lay faithful in our Diocese to give them the needed support.
  • Lay Apostolate Department: The Laity Harvest Thanksgiving shall come up on May 8, 2022 at St. Anthony Catholic Church, Ejinrin Road, Ijebu-Ode, at 10.a.m. Let all Laity endeavor to attend this important programme. 
  • Priests Monthly Recollection: Monthly recollection for Priests for 2022 resumes this month. This will take place on Tuesday May 10, 2022 at Blessed Tansi Catholic Church, G.R.A, Ijebu-Ode at 10:00a.m. The theme for this month’s recollection is “Pastoral Care of Youth: A new pathway to preserving the faith in Ijebu-Ode Diocese. All Priests engaged in pastoral work in the Diocese are expected to be punctual and prompt.
  • Presbyteral Council Meeting: The council meeting for all priests in Ijebu-Ode Diocese shall take place on Tuesday May 31, 2022 at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Atan, at exactly 10am. Every priest working in the Diocese should be in attendance.
  • Department of Catechesis and Religious Education: This month’s training programme for Catechists shall take place on 14th May April, 2022 at the Catechetical Centre, Motubo, Ijebu-Ode at 10.00a.m. 
  • Refresher program for Catechists/Agents of Evangelization for Ministry for 2022 installation shall take place on 28th May, 2022 at St. Anthony Catholic Church Hall, Ejirin Road. Time: 10.a.m. All concerned should endeavor to be punctual.
  • Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria: The Diocesan Youth Harvest launching has been scheduled to take place on May 15, 2022 at different parishes in Sagamu, Iperu, Ijebu-Igbo and Ijebu-Ode deaneries and on May 23, 2022 at various parishes in Esure, Iloti and Ogbere deaneries. I request that we give the youths our support and encouragement. 
  • The final match/award winning ceremony of Bishop Francis Adesina football competition going on in the diocese since February shall take place on 28th May, 2022 at St. Patrick formation house, Ijebu-Imushin. 
  • Social Communications Department: 2022 World Communication Week shall take place on 22nd to 29th May, 2022 with the theme: “Listening with the ear of the heart.”  Let us be reminded that Sunday, 29th May, is World Communication Sunday. 
  • On 28th May, there shall be Diocesan Communication Summit for all communicators in the Diocese; societal/Organizational heads and PROs, at St. Anthony Catholic Church, Ejinrin Road, Ijebu-Ode, by 10.a.m. 
  • Pastors are to ensure that awareness is created on the positive and effective use of communication technology for the purpose of evangelization among people in our communities.
  • Family and Human Life Apostolate: The department of the Family and Human Life of the Diocese will be having the following events in the month of May 2022:
  • Family and Human Life Training for Priests and Religious on all Saturdays in May continues.
  • The Level 1 training of Marriage Counsellors shall come up on May 21, 2022 at Most Pure Heart Catholic Church, Esure, by 10am prompt.
  • Priestly Ordination Anniversary: Kindly remember to pray for and with Rev. Fr. Michael Ogunniyi, SDB (May 26) as he marks the anniversary of his Priestly Ordination. May God grant him more fruitful years in the Lord’s vineyard. Amen.

Thank you and do have a spirit-filled and fruitful month of May. 

Most Rev. Francis Obafemi ADESINA

Bishop of Ijebu-ode Diocese.

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