“NO ONE CAN BE SAVED ALONE…” Pope Francis world day of peace message

By Fr. Anthony Adetayo

The 56th celebration of world day of peace is marked with the release of a document titled “No one can be saved alone: Combatting COVID-19 together, embarking together on paths of peace.”

The Vatican released the document on Dec. 16 where the Pope posed a series of questions: “What did we learn from the pandemic? What new paths should we follow to cast off the shackles of our old habits, to be better prepared, to dare new things? What signs of life and hope can we see, to help us move forward and try to make our world a better place?”

Pope Francis wrote in the message that “certainly after directly experiencing the fragility of our own lives … the greatest lesson we learned from COVID-19 was the realization that we all need one another.” The Pope also dedicated a paragraph for the war in Ukraine, which he described as “a setback for the whole of humanity.”

Below is the full text of the Pope’s message.