Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord: NOVEMBER 2019 DIOCESAN CIRCULAR Grace and Peace of the Lord be with you.

1: The Month of November: I heartily welcome you to the penultimate month of the year. As a Church and as a Diocese, we surely have a lot to celebrate this month. The Church commemorates the Solemnity of All Saints (Nov. 1) and All Souls (Nov. 2). These two days are reminders that holiness of life must be desired by all and that we must always pray for our brothers and sisters in purgatory. These two important days give profound expression to our faith and believe in the Communion of Saints. In these commemorations, we find a strong connection between the Church Triumphant (the faithful who have attained the joys of heaven); the Church Suffering (the faithful who are still undergoing purification for the expiation of their sins in Purgatory) and the Church Militant (the faithful who are still on the earthly pilgrimage).

All Saints’ Day: The Solemnity of All Saints’ Day is a Holy Day of Obligation set aside to celebrate all the Saints throughout Christian history, both known and unknown; canonized or beatified. On this day, it is compulsory that Masses are celebrated in all Parishes. May the Saints continue to intercede for us always. Amen.

All Souls’ Day: The commemoration of All Souls: reminds us of human mortality, Let’s us avail ourselves of the graces attached to this celebration by gaining for ourselves Plenary Indulgence through the sacrifice of the Holy Mass., visiting a Church or cemetery and giving alms to the poor. It is compulsory for all ‘Priests to celebrate 3 Masses on this day: one for the faithful departed, one for the Priest’s intention and one for the intention of the Holy Father.

Solemnity of Christ the King: The celebration of Christ the King comes up on Sunday, November 24, 2019. It is the day that we celebrate the feast of our patron Saint as a Diocese. The celebration also marks the beginning of the last week of the 2018/2019 Liturgical Year. On this day, Eucharistic Processions are held, throughout Nigeria. 1 encourage all Priests to ensure that this procession takes place in all Parishes and Institutions across the Diocese and it is well attended. Let us all march out to proclaim Christ the Universal King.

Novena to Christ the King: As a continuation of the call for monthly Novena for the sake of our Diocese and as part of the preparations to celebrate the feast of Christ the King, the Patron of our Diocese, I invite you all to take up, for this month of November, the nine days Novena to Christ the King, Patron of our Diocese. This Novena will commence simultaneously in all Parishes, Houses of formation, Chapels, Convents and Institutions on the 15th November and will conclude on the 23th November, a day preceding the celebration of Christ the King. Please, all Parish Priests, Superiors and Principals should ensure that this Novena is carried out in their respective Parishes, Houses of Formation, Convents and Institutions. May Christ the King, Patron of our Diocese hear our prayers. Amen.

2: Pope’s Intention for the month of November: Dialogue and Reconciliation in the Near East. That a spirit of dialogue, encounter and reconciliation emerge in the Near East, where diverse religious communities share their lives together. Let us join the Pope in praying for this intention for the month of November.

3: Prayer for the Diocese and Nigeria: At the last circular in October, I called for daily prayers for the Diocese and for our nation, Nigeria. May I reiterate that this Prayer for Spiritual Renewal for our Diocese and Prayer for Nigeria in distress be continued till further notice. Let us make it a daily duty to pray for our Diocese and for country Nigeria. For peace and unity to reign in our land. I equally enjoin all Parish Priests to revive the Liturgical culture of Eucharistic Adoration: BENEDICTION. This should take place in all Parishes and Institutions across the Diocese every Sunday evening to intercede for our country Nigeria and pray for healing, unity and renewed commitment to evangelization in Ijebu-Ode Diocese.

4: Extraordinary Missionary Month of October: May I use this opportunity to thank the Pontifical Mission Societies in our Diocese led by Fr. John Aruleba, for the planning and organization of the Extraordinary Missionary Month of October which we just concluded. May I also applaud the various Parish Priests, Chaplains and Lay Ministers who championed this campaign in their various Parishes, Institutions and Departments. Thank you all for the hard work. However, the work of mission is not over. We must intensify our efforts in doing more to develop our various communities in Ijebu-Ode Diocese.

5: Submission of activities for the year 2020: This to remind all Departmental Heads, Chaplains and all those in charge of various commission in the Diocese, who are yet to submit their proposed programmes/activities for 2020, to kindly do so. The deadline for submission has elapsed, kindly contact the Secretary to the Bishop and do the needful.


  1. Special Collections: Let us remember to collect this special collection for the Catholic Institute of West Africa on November 10 and ensure that we submit it to the Chancery for proper collation.
  2. Priests Monthly Recollection: This month’s Priestly Recollection will come up on November 12, 2019 at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Iloti-Ijebu. The theme for this recollection is “Keeping to our Prophetic role in the Society: A must for all Priests”. This Recollection starts at exactly 10:00am and all Priests involved in pastoral work in this diocese are expected to be at this gathering.
  3. Presbyteral Council Meeting: The Presbyteral Council meeting will come up on November 5, 2019 at Holy Angels Catholic Church, Oke-Agbo, Ijebu­Igbo. This is a meeting meant for all Priests working in Ijebu-Ode Diocese.
  4. New Executives for NCDPA: We congratulate the immediate past executives of the National Conference of Diocesan Priests Association (NCDPA), led by Rev. Fr. Jude Okafor for the work well done during their tenure in office. May I use this medium to welcome on board the new executives of this Association, led by Rev. Fr. Michael Ogunyinka. We wish them the very best as they up this task.
  5. Catechesis and Religious Department: There shall be a meeting of all Agents of Evangelization on November 9, 2019 at the Catechetical Center in Ilado, starting by 11:00am. All those concerned should be at this gathering.
  6. Family and Human Life Apostolate: The level one training of Marriage Counsellors will begin on November 19, 2019. This is an opportunity to be embraced by all interested candidates in good standing with the Church. Parishes that do not have Marriage Counsellors presently should endeavor to send members to be trained in this regard. The venue for this training will be at St. Anthony Catholic Church Hall, Ejinrin road, Ijebu-Ode.
  7. Societal Information:
    1. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria (CCRN), Ijebu-Ode Diocese will be having their 3-days Diocesan Conference from November 7- 10, 2019. The venue for this conference will be at St. Anthony Catholic Nursery and Primary School, Igbeba, Ijebu-Ode.
    2. The Diocesan Praise night for the Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria (CYON) will take place on November 29, 2019 at St. Michael Catholic Church, Ago-Iwoye.
    3. The Block Rosary Crusade of Ijebu-Ode Diocese will hold her Diocesan meeting on November 17, 2019 at St. Sebastian Catholic Cathedral after 10:00am Mass. All members are enjoined to be present at this meeting.
    4. The Catholic Men Organization of Nigeria, Ijebu-Ode Diocese will have their Annual General Meeting/ Launching of CMO Handbook for the Diocese on November 24, 2019 at St. Mary Catholic Church, Ogbere.
  8. Priestly Ordination Anniversary: Rejoice and pray for and with Rev. Frs. Sylvester Onasanya (Nov. 12), Martin-Rita Ogunbanwo (Nov. 16), Basil Matuluko (Nov. 16) and Gabriel Olanrewaju (Nov 3) as they celebrate their Priestly Ordination Anniversaries this month.
  9. Bereavement: We commiserate with Rev. Frs. Basil Matuluko and Emmanuel Matuluko on the death of their beloved brother, Dr. Edward Odutola Matutluko who died on October 18, 2019 and have since been buried. May God grant him eternal rest with the Saints. Amen.

Thank you as I wish you a blessed and fruitful month of November.

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