By Delphine Umoh Isong and Francis Agada

In   a Radio conversation program organized by the Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode titled “Aguda on Radio” that took place on Sunday 21st August 2022 by 3:00pm at Lion 93.9 FM, Mr. Okedina challenges religious leaders to condemn insecurity in the land. The program was anchored by Edward Oluwafemi Bankole where his guest discusses measures to be taken in securing our places of worship whether the Church, Mosque or Traditional religious places.

Joseph Okedina; a parishioner of St. Michael Catholic Church, Ilisan sees our place of worship as sacred places and though God is the one who protects us and ordinarily there is no need for human intervention. However, in our contemporary world of today, steps ought to be taken to ensure  lives and properties  are well secured.

According to Mr. Okedina, “the first measure (internal measure ) is that parishioners should be able to identify one another and  before  Holy Mass begins and 45 minutes after the Mass ends, the security personnel are to go around where cars are parked to check for any explosive devices always put in black package. These men of the underworld sees the places of worship as an easy places to carry out attack with little or no resistance because people don’t go there with any form of protection.”

“The External measures include the use of CCTV cameras and this should be fixed around the premises, the service of Soldiers should be employed and they should also relate with State Security Outfit in the environment so there can be exchange of information.” He ended by saying that “criminals go to either church or mosque. What religious leaders tell their followers is important. They must condemn intolerance and act of terrorism.”