Secessionists are dangerous… Bishop Francis Adesina talks tough

By Fr. Anthony Adetayo

With the recent agitation and everyday cry because of the state of insecurity in the country Nigeria, we have people from different corners and views proposing solutions to the problem and many have called for division and secession. However, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ijebu-Ode Most Rev. Francis Obafemi Adesina in an Easter Sunday 2021 interaction in NTA Ijebu-Ode boldly and categorically kicked against such an opinion. According to him, “the situation of insecurity is an obvious case. The Church is also affected since it is in the country and it is even combined with rising cases of corona virus infection. Many cannot travel again today because of insecurity. The CBCN (Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria) in the spirit of Easter appeals to those in authority to boost the consciousness of the security of lives and properties of their citizens.” According to the Bishop, “we cannot give up, we must join and speak out against insecurity and we must call the attention of the State executive Government and State house of assembly. Governors must organise neighborhood watch and empower them to act in full capacity.” He continued, “You cannot delegate to just a level of the government whether federal or state or local level, everyone must see security as their business. If you see something, then say something.” In answer to the question of secession, the Bishop said “the context of secessionist is dangerous though it is gaining more grounds because of the insecurity rising every day but we must be careful.”

“We want restructuring but restructuring is not the same as secession for we are stronger together.” The Bishop asked; are we sure that those who are shouting secession and division are ready to stand alone and are we sure they are not trying to break us in order to easily enslave us? The solution is just that government must come from the people not a selected group of leaders sitting in Abuja far from the people’s plight. But the people must be involved in governance.”

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