” The Awujale told me to hold my Bible very well …” Orimolusi told Bishop Adesina

By Fr. Anthony Adetayo

The 16th day of May was unique as the Bishop of Ijebu-Ode Diocese, Most Rev. Francis Obafemi Adesina received His Royal Majesty, Oba Lawrence Adebajo, the Orimolusi of Ijebu-Igbo.

The Kabiyesi came with his entourage and the Bishop welcomed him together with the Chaplain, Very Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Matuluko, Very Rev. Fr. Albert Igbodipe, Very Rev. Fr. Patrick Balogun, Very Rev. Fr. Gabriel Oresegun, Frs. Anthony Adetayo (Communications Director) and James Igwe. The meeting started in the morning around few minutes after eleven.
After the opening formalities as coordinated by Very Rev. Fr. Patrick Balogun, the king said he needs prayers always. He said “Though we can’t be like God, but we can practice godly in our lives so that people will see us and give glory to God. This was why Awujale told me to hold on to my Bible”

“I already have confidence because God who shows me the way has decided to lead me.”

The king narrated a story of how he attended an occasion as a king and another senior king walked to him and asked how he behaves the way he bahaves. The senior king said “Are you behaving like this because you’re a king or this is how you have been? He responded by saying “I have been like this since my days as a little boy in catechism classes.” The senior king then said “I am too old now to leave traditional life style but because of what I see in you my children will be raised to go to Church”

The Bishop congratulated the king once again and promised him all the needed support. The king received some prayerful words and the Bishop gave him a new Bible and some sacramentals after blessing them.

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